Thursday, July 11, 2013

Local Foodie Moment: The Crest

How was everyone's 4th of July?!  We had quite the marathon of events!  I feel like I needed the first part of the week just to recoup!

We kicked off our mini vacation with dinner at a new restaurant, The Crest, and Red, White & Boom!  Then we scooted off to Erie, PA to visit family and spend some time on one of the local lakes.  Then back to Cleveland to meet our dear family friends' new puppy, SugarBear, she is the cutest!  Then back to Columbus for the O.A.R. concert where we got to enjoy fireworks from the baseball game next door.  THEN Sunday we vegged/recovered from it all! All in all it was a fabulous couple days!  And of course I couldn't help but share a few pics with you!

My 4th of July Wreath, finished just in time!
Meet SugarBear!  She even had a yummy martini created in her honor!
O.A.R. Concert plus fireworks from Huntington Park!

Each year Chris and I do our best to make it to Red, White & Boom!, Columbus' BIG fireworks show. This year was no exception but with all the travel and crazy that has been going on lately we didn't want to feel rushed in getting downtown and finding a place to eat.  We decided to try a place we'd been hearing about that's in Clintonville, away from all the parking hassles of Boom called The Crest.  This gastropub has been the talk of the town lately and it was time we see for ourselves!

The Crest has quite a few unique identifiers.  Interesting touches like veggies and herbs grown on site in rooftop and patio boxes help it standout in the farm to table trend.  The exposed duct work and wrap around wood bar give it a pub feel but as soon as you look at the menu you know you are in for an elevated experience.

Some shots of the interior

Even things like fresh cut flowers in the ladies room sets it apart from your typical pub (or your typical bathroom hah!).  I was particularly enamored with the vintage mirrors.

Vintage mirrors and sinks plus a cute little vase of fresh cut flowers add such a nice touch!
Garden boxes with fresh herbs line the parking lot, patio and rooftop

We had made a reservation the night before so we checked in and were seated at a high top table on the back corner of the restaurant.  It took a little while for a server to get to us but it gave us time to mill over the cocktail menu.  I had the Grapefruit Moon with local gin, grapefruit juice, local honey mead and sage.  Chris selected a local beer.  My cocktail was delicious!  It had a very floral and earthy element to it which I wasn't expecting.  It was smooth and just the right sipper for a warm evening.  I told Chris it was almost too smooth because it disappeared rather quickly!

Grapefruit Moon
Our server gave us the specials for the day and Chris locked in on the Bison Burger with a side of Sweet Potato Fries.  I got the BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with a side of grilled marinated veggies.  Both choices were delicious and very sizable!  Presentation was great, served on rustic butcher boards and cast iron pots.  Chris would have liked his burger a little less well done, he had asked for it medium but it still had great flavor.
Bison Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
The BBQ Pulled Pork sliders were very good and much larger than your normal slider.  The sauce to pork ratio was just right, not too messy but not too dry.  Yummm makes me hungry just thinking about it! 

Pulled Pork Sliders

Grilled Marinated Veggies
We also tried the housemade hot sauce that was on the table.  Ooowwwweee it is hot!  But its super flavorful with just the right heat.  I drizzled some on my veggies and was supremely happy.  Overall we liked our meals and liked the atmosphere.

Housemade hot sauce

The prices match the higher end/creative dishes but its more expensive than your typical pub.  At the time, we made it for happy hour but I couldn't recite back what all that entailed.  It did seem like there was discounted drink prices for a good variety of drinks to tickle your fancy!

I think another thing that makes The Crest unique is that its not part of a major row of restaurants or stores or anything.  It kind of sits on its own little block in Clintonville.  Definitely an up and coming establishment in the area to try!

The Crest Gastropub on Urbanspoon

This weekend is bridesmaid dress shopping and I've been trying all kinds of new recipes this week so stay tuned!


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