Friday, November 2, 2012

Ekk! Frigid Halloween temps!

In typical Ohio fashion the weather has gone from 80 degrees last week to 35 and snowing this week.  Yes, you read that correctly, SNOW the day before Halloween!  When I looked out my window to that white stuff on the ground I was very happy Chris has forfeited our garage parking space to me.  So I prepared for the worst by wearing my down coat, my Ugg boots, earmuffs and mittens to get me from our back door to our garage (approximately 10 steps), the wind almost knocked me over in my work building parking lot!  Before I left I checked on my front porchscape I had created a couple weekends ago after going to the pumpkin patch.  My poor mums are frozen!  I know they are titled "hardy" mums but I think this weather is a little more hardy than they bargained for!

Our front porch pumpkins and mums before the snow and cold,
 Chris being Mr. Cute peeking out of the door!

So now I'm really wishing I had taken more pictures last weekend on our trip to Miami!  Next time I go the leaves will have fallen and it will be cold, cold, cold!  We had a great trip!  We started out by going to the football game, Miami beat OU (first time in six or so years, its been a long time coming)!  Then we went uptown for some drinks and grub then to the O.A.R. concert.  The concert was a great end to a fun day!  Here's a picture I snagged of the band!

O.A.R. they all dressed up as characters from "Revenge of the Nerds", it was great!

We ended up having ZERO trick or treaters this year, I should have known not to buy a bunch of candy!  But of course I did anyways and am left with all these leftovers to figure out what to do with.  Maybe you'll see a future blog post about it, hint hint ;)

This weekend we are going to an OSU tailgate for Chris' work group.  I decided to bring an edible shot for the festivities.  Enter, the RumChata Pudding Shot.  Previously I featured the RumChata Shot made with RumChata and vanilla vodka.  Now its time to make a boozey snack with it!  For some reason or another I like making alcohol into something edible, its not really an affinity for either jello or pudding I guess its just kinda fun!  Anyways, I've made pudding shots before with Bailey's and vanilla vodka so I figured RumChata would be just as good and would be more fall themed since its got a spiced flavor.

RumChata Pudding Shots

- 1 packet instant vanilla pudding
- 1 c. milk
- 1/4 c. vanilla vodka
- 3/4 c. RumChata
- 1 container of Extra Creamy Cool Whip

- In a large mixing bowl, mix pudding and milk together.
- Mix in vanilla vodka and RumChata.
- Fold in Cool Whip.  (it's important to make sure the Cool Whip isn't still frozen, or you'll have lumpy and soupy shots)
- Scoop mixture into small disposable shot glasses (the kinds with lids work the best) and freeze overnight.
- Keep cold and enjoy!  (I typically serve mine with small cocktail spoons for easy eating.)

Next up, girls night in! After a long work week I'm ready for some lounge clothes, drinks and catching up with a Miami friend!  Thanks for "clicking in" and stay tuned!


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