Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Local Foodie Moment!

Since I haven't done much cooking this week I thought I'd share a good restaurant find!  When my dad comes to town for work we get together for dinner to catch up.  One of the last restaurants we went to I featured in my first "Local Foodie Moment!"  Last night we went to Sushi En.  We've actually been here previously and used to frequent another one of their restaurants, Sushiko for their half price Tuesdays.  Sushiko has since changed their half priced Tuesday specials and we noticed a little lag in quality of service last time we went so we sought out a different place for our sushi cravings!

Keep in mind I'm not a huge seafood lover so it took me quite some time to warm up to the idea of sushi.  I usually get veggie rolls but have started branching out to some that include seafood (baby steps!).  Anyways, Sushi En has half price on select rolls (all veggie ones are part of this deal, yey for me!) from 3 - 6pm Monday- Thursday.  We did a pretty bang up job yesterday ordering only rolls on special and got our order in just before the special was over.
Sushi for three VERY hungry diners!
The sushi is great here, usually my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I end up taking some home for the next days lunch.  The restaurant is clean, has a good staff and they seem to add little details that make your sushi more of a dining experience than just dinner which I think makes them stand out among the crowd!  They do have a room where you can sit on cross legged on cushions for a more authentic experience.  They also have a side room for larger parties.  Another little detail, they serve sliced oranges after your meal, which I'm guessing is to cleanse your palate but could be wrong, was unsuccessful in finding an answer with my quick Google search.    

Last night I tried a cucumber and plum roll for the first time and it was pretty interesting!  It was tart but sweet and crunchy with the cucumber, my dad said that's a new addition to the order for next time.  I love their veggie rolls because they put sprouts in them, I have cream cheese added as well.  Another roll that I hadn't seen before that's become one of our favorites is a sweet potato and cream cheese roll.  I'm not a big fan of sweet potato at all (blech yuck) but this is actually pretty delicious!  Daddy also gets one with walnuts and eel that's not too bad as well.  All in all if you're near the Polaris area and in the mood for sushi I'd definitely give this place a try!

Up next, an asparagus tart appetizer and a fun craft project!


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