Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft Time!

Happy Friday everyone!  So in my last post I hinted at an asparagus tart recipe and a fun craft project!  Nixed the asparagus tart, I didn't have the chance to take pictures and it didn't turn out to be very good so I'll have to give it a shot another time to share with you!

As a marketing professional I feel I work the "creative section" of my brain at work every day so even though I love crafting sometimes I don't have the creative umph to do it.  This week I decided to finally get to work on one of the many craft ideas I've pinned on Pinterest.  Title Coasters!  These are actually pretty simple all they take is a little time to account for drying.

Now I've seen blogs that use paper print outs, scrapbook paper, photos or cocktail napkins as the decorative aspect of these coasters.  For my first try I decided to use cocktail napkins and printed paper.  I have an abundance of cocktail napkins so I figured I should be able to find SOMETHING in my drawer that I could use.  Then I decided to use some of the old pages from my Lilly planner.  My friend Krista made some with pictures of Miami, hers turned out really nice!  She also painted the sides black which makes them look a lot sleeker and sophisticated, classy touch K-Cap!

DIY Decorative Coasters
This is actually the step where they are drying after a coat of
Mod Podge, I guess in going through my pictures I don't
have the final product?  
- Mod Podge
- Ceramic tiles (you can find these at home improvement stores for cheap, cheap, cheap! I got mine for 16 cents at Lowe's)
- Cork or felt (I found some cork at JoAnns that were already cut to coaster size)
- Cocktail napkins (or photos or printed paper)
- Foam brush
- Acrylic sealer
- Glue/adhesive (I used Gorilla glue because I didn't want to mess with a hot glue gun)
- Scissors/paper cutter

- Lay out your titles on a flat surface, make sure you have some newspaper or a paper towel underneath them.  Dust off any excess dust/dirt.
- Cut napkin or paper to size, you'll want it a little smaller than the title itself, set aside.  You can cut the napkin so you only have one or two layers to cover up rather than four if you leave it as one napkin.  I elected to cut the napkin in half after opening it up.
- Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the tile.
- Place napkin/paper on the tile let dry for a minute or so then brush another layer of Mod Podge over it.

- Let dry completely.
- (Optional Step) Paint the sides of the title to better match your print or picture, let dry.  (I didn't do this for mine but Krista did)
- Spray with acrylic and let dry.  (Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area, aka outside because it is mighty powerful stuff)

- Glue cork/felt to bottom of title and let dry.  (Krista used cork with self adhesive already on it so she didn't have to mess with glue.)

- Once they are completely dry you are all set!  You can give these as gifts or create a variety for your home!  Since they are pretty inexpensive you can even make some for each season!

This weekend Chris and I are heading to Detroit to see our friend Matt from college and to go to the Lions v. Colts game.  Chris is a Lions fan and I'm a Colts fan so it should be pretty fun!  For our five year anniversary we got each other new jerseys to wear!

Up next, we're switching it up and making a little treat for the four legged friends in your life!


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