Friday, October 26, 2012

Girls Happy Hour!

Happy Friday!  My dear friend Emily and I met up last night for a little Thirsty Thursday happy hour!  We went to Marcella's Ristorante, they have great happy hour specials and a delicious half off bar menu.  To give you some background, Emily works with Chris and we met at a work function last year.  For the longest time Chris said he knew we'd hit it off because we are so similar.  Turns out he was VERY right and we've been scaring people with our quirky similarities ever since!  To say we are peas in a pod is an understatement and both Chris and Emily's husband, Rob, couldn't agree more.  Anyways, with busy/crazy weeks this week we decided we needed some girl time to catch up and enjoy some cocktails on what was a beautiful fall day (80 degrees in October, we took advantage of patio seating)!

Hand crafted/signature cocktails were $5 from 4 -7 so we decided to take advantage.  At first we had trouble deciding but our incredibly helpful and hospitable server Nick helped us pick out the Whiskey Rosso.  For those of you who don't know me, I DON'T do whiskey, the taste and the smell =YUCK in my book.  But at the same time I'm not one to turn down a new cocktail experience so when Nick assured us you can't even taste the Jameson and it was floated with Chianti (one of my favorite Italian wines) we were sold!  Nick came back with this pretty concoction!

It was delicious!  There's passion fruit puree and agave mixed with the Jameson and it was so yummy, especially with the wine floating on top!  Em and I decided its definitely something we'll have to try and replicate at home (stay tuned for that one friends!).

We also split a delicious roasted chicken pizza that had chicken, caramelized onions, apricots and parmesan cheese (no picture, sorry, was too busy eating!).  The company of course was the best part!  Sometimes you need some time with friends to get back on track and realize the many blessings of life.  And it also helps to have someone to complain about work or everyday dramas with too!

This weekend, Chris and I are heading to Miami for the O.A.R. concert and the Battle of the Bricks, OU vs. Miami football game!  Love and Honor!

Until next time....


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