Monday, November 12, 2012

New car and football (even on a bye week)!

Well friends I have taken one step closer to being a "big girl".  Try as I might the world somehow forces me to grow up every once a in while!  This weekend was the step of buying my first car (yikes!), for those of you who know or even can guess by the nature of my blog I'm two of many things, indecisive and not a huge lover of change.  So things like car shopping strike fear in me to my very core, make? model? color? features?  TOO MANY CHOICES and what's wrong with my 12+ year old car!?  But I suppose it was "Little Lex's" time to move on to a life with another driver.  Hopefully a driver who has a diversified music collection taking full advantage of her sound system and moonroof.
Little Lex with her Miami girl sticker, she also still had her Heritage Commons parking pass (circa junior year)

After some research and finding the right dealer I decided on the Chevy Sonic, in victory red (how fitting for a Miami grad right?).  Big thanks to my brother Mitch, my parents and Chris for helping me with my research and decision!  It made the daunting task of car buying much easier!

In addition to being indecisive and adverse to change I'm also a big believer in "signs" so when we walked in the dealership and there was a life sized Peyton Manning (as a Colts fan, of course I LOVE him) cardboard advertisement AND the key fob they gave me had a pink label (my favorite color) I knew it was fate!  (Crazy?  Probably but you can't ignore good buja!  <--pronouced boo-jah, not sure where I picked that up but it's along the lines of good omens)
Just hamming it up with my boy P-dog

New Car!

In true WWSV fashion such life moments called for a cocktail!  What could be more celebratory than a champagne (I refer to it as champs) cocktail?!  I always have a few small bottles of champs in the fridge because more often times than not, who doesn't want champs?!  Originally I wanted to make some bellinis (which actually call for prosecco but given my excitement I wasn't going to split hairs) but I forgot to take some of the frozen peaches out to thaw SO I had to put on my thinking cap.  How about a Kir Royale?  Sounds fancy but is super easy.

Cocktail fun fact!  Historically a Kir is made with white wine and creme de cassis (blackcurrant liquor), the Kir Royale is a variation of the Kir.  For more background on this drink, click here.  

Kir Royale

- dry champagne
- raspberry liquor (i.e. chambord or razzmatazz)

- Pour champs in a glass about 3/4 full.
- Add splash of raspberry liquor.
- Enjoy!

 This cocktail makes having champs seem even more festive!  Definitely a good one to keep in your holiday repertoire!

So even though the Buckeyes had a bye week this week Chris and I still had some football to attend to this weekend!  Sunday was Chris' team's football banquet, a great evening organized by great families of our parish.  The team had a great season, they went undefeated and won the diocese championship!  The last time the 8th grade team won the championship was when Chris played, now he has TWO championships under his belt! 

I've always been proud of Chris for taking on the task of "non-parent" coach and volunteering his time to be involved.  But being able to see the team, fellow coaches, and parents' gratitude towards him was so nice!  Almost every boy on the team came up to Chris afterwards and thanked him for a great season, it was beyond precious!  From the brief interactions I have each week with the team at games and at this banquet I can see these boys really look up to "Coach Mo".  Hopefully he's taught them a thing or two that will stick!  Plus the parents just couldn't say enough good things about him, half the time I have to ask them if we are talking about the same Chris! Haha! 

One things for sure, "Coach Mo" has had a great couple years of coaching some really great kids.  The things they say are too funny!  On picture day one offered to be Coach Mo's kid so he wouldn't be the only coach without a son in his picture!  That's not even the half of it with those goofballs!  The banquet was a good time to hear some of their funny stories and quotes.  Now that Chris' team will be moving on to high school we will see where his coaching will go, it all depends on his work assignment at the time.
"In his name we are...St. Paul!" - last team huddle!
The coaches gift was pretty cool, mini helmets customized to look like the team helmet and a picture from the championship game that all the players signed!  Hopefully we'll make it to some of the boys other sporting events (a lot of them play basketball or other sports) throughout the year and hopefully we'll see their names on the high school rosters in the next four years!

Well that's the majority of the weekend!  Did a little weeding and work on our patio (more on that another time) and got supplies for a fun craft to feature this week!  Stay tuned!


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