Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Local Foodie Moment: New Restaurants of 2013

It is far too chilly outside and it SNOWED last night.   I'm distracting myself with a fun new idea Chris and I will be tackling this holiday season (I mean as if we weren't busy enough haha!).  Columbus Crave recently published this list of new restaurants that made their debut this year.  I thought "hmmm, instead of just putting these on my urbanspoon wishlist, why don't we actually GO to these before the end of the year"!  Chris does a similar list completion around Academy Awards time with movies.

Of course I emailed Chris right away with abounding enthusiasm with my idea.  He of course questioned its feasibility (Mr. Practical).  Then I did my research and figured out we only hadn't been to six out of the list of ten.  Of course I drafted up a little chart that tells us the restaurant, the type of cuisine, whether we'd been there or not and if I'd blogged about it (Ms. OCD).  We figured out that it would indeed be feasible as well as fun to support local restaurants plus we'd have some date nights in our future!  Win, win, win all around!

The list is as follows (ones with links are places we've visited and I've blogged about):
101 Beer Kitchen
Pint House Beer Garden
Local Cantina
The Pearl (blog post coming soon!)
Frezno Bar and Grill
Philco Bar + Diner
South of Lane
El Camino Inn
The Crest

Soooo stay tuned for some fun LFM's before the end of the year!


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