Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Local Foodie Moment: Philco Bar + Diner

And the new restaurants of 2013 checklist continues!  Like I said in my last post, my parents were in town this weekend for the football game so on Sunday we went to brunch at Philco Bar + Diner in the Short North.  This was quite a hit amongst the crowd but I wouldn't really say its ideal for a large group (we had seven) since its a small place and their largest table more comfortably fits six but we squeezed in and we were glad we did!

Philco used to be Phillip's Coney Island so they pay tribute to its previous tenants with coney and corn dogs on their varied menu.  Their menu consists of classic diner eats with a modern twist.  This restaurant is also owned by the group that owns Little Palace, El Camino Inn (LFM post on that coming soon!), The Rossi Bar + Kitchen and Club 185.

With seven diners we had quite the selection of plates!  Chris got the Biscuits and Redeye Gravy, buttermilk biscuits with andouille sausage and smoked paprika gravy.  Chris is a biscuit and gravy lover so I asked how it compared to others he's had.  He said it was good, great flavors but different in that the gravy didn't have sausage in it.  The sausage was sliced and layered on top of the biscuits then scrambled eggs on top.

I got the Breakfast Risotto, rice with fresh cream, roasted pecans and honey.  This was very good, not too sweet, it definitely hit the spot after a challenging 90 minute yoga class!  I would have liked some fresh fruit or jam with it but given the season I understand not having fresh fruit available.

My fellow yogi and gal pal Kourtney joined us and she got the Roasted Turkey Sandwich, roasted turkey on wheat with sprouts and pesto and a side of their fresh cut fries.  Kourtney said the sandwich was delicious and just what she wanted after our yoga class.  And the fries were fantastic!  I snagged a couple so I can attest.  Truly what fries should be, thick cut, properly seasoned and cooked just right!

Mitch and his friend Amanda got the Traditional breakfasts, pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Mitch cleared his plate at lighting speed so I'll venture to say it was good.

My mom got the Steak and Eggs, steak served up with a bloddy mary aoili, home fries and two sunnyside up eggs on top.  She said this was very good, she liked the bloddy mary aoili because it added a hint of tartness to the steak.  I gave the steak and aoili a try and Momma was right, great balancing of flavors!  She also liked that the eggs were placed on top of the home fries because she likes weird things like her food touching.

Daddy got the Baked Grits with scrambled eggs on top.  Again, good reviews!  The dishes everything was served in were cute and unique, it added a little classic flare.

We got an order of hushpuppies as well as a coney dog for anyone who wanted to try.  Daddy and I wanted to test the coney sauce since my Gramps was a coney sauce king!  So we wanted to see how Philco's stacked up.  It was a good coney dog, it seemed like they ground their meat a little finer but it had decent flavor and they didn't skimp (as you can see from the picture).

Those that tried the hushpuppies seemed to like them especially with the sauce they are served with.

Overall the service was good, the atmosphere was pleasant and the food was great.  We all left ready for a post brunch nap!  Next time you're in the Short North for breakfast, for brunch or even lunch or dinner, give Philco a try!
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With the holiday this week Chris and I will be traveling so this is probably it for me this week!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  And as I always say, gobble till ya wobble!  :)


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