Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Local Foodie Moment - 101 Beer Kitchen!

Even though we have been trying to shape up our eating habits we like taking a break for a night out every once in awhile with friends.  This weekend we tried a new place called 101 Beer Kitchen in Dublin with our friends Lee and Christina.  What a surprising treat!  We really wanted to try a new restaurant in the Short North but reservations were hard to come by with only a few days notice.  Plus the Arnold Sports Festival was in town so we decided let's avoid any downtown chaos and try a place in the suburbs.  Off to Urbanspoon I went and found 101 and am I glad I did!  Christina's co-workers had been there the week before and offered glowing reviews so we were pretty confident in our choice.

101's concept is craft beers and rustic, made from scratch food.  We split their loaded tater tots (topped with cheese and Sriracha cream...cue mouth watering) for appetizer.  Since I'm not the biggest beer drinker nor am I a beer savant by any stretch of the imagination I was a little hesitant on ordering.  Our server very easily helped me navigate through the beer list and we landed on a yummy wheat beer similar to Blue Moon.  He also gave Christina and I a tasting of a beer that is made with wine grapes so it tasted like fizzy wine, YUM!  Everyone at the table was pleased with their beer selections and their dinner choices.  I had a winter vegetable salad and a side of their mac and cheese that was just delicious.  Their menu doesn't seem expansive at first glance but for a place serving seasonal, delicious food it really doesn't feel like there is a shortage of options.  They do what they're good at and leave you more than satisfied with that.

101 Beer Kitchen
The place is hopping on a Friday night but with an easy call ahead system where they text and call you when your table is ready it streamlines your wait time.  The prices are not bad in comparison to similar restaurants.  We definitely plan on going back and hope they find continued success in their first year of business!

Over the course of trying to revamp our eating habits when we eat out we've become a little more discriminating (not to sound like food snobs because we certainly aren't classy enough to be called those hah!).  We've gravitated more towards the locally owned farm to table type places that put immense pride and effort into not only their food but their atmosphere.  Dining out should be an experience!  101 definitely provides that with the convenience of being in the suburbs as well as going easy on the pursestrings.

Next up, a Lent friendly recipe!


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