Friday, June 7, 2013

Local Foodie Moment: Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Happy Friday everyone!  After an interesting car problem saga yesterday (four hours of mini meltdowns, two tow trucks sent my way and partridge in a pear tree and I came to realize I was using Chris' car key in my car, insert slap forehead moment here)  I think its safe to say this week has been a doozy so why not make it better with another LFM?!

My friend Kourtney and I were headed downtown for a concert (Brett Eldredge, who is kinda great...look him up, just do it!)  and wanted to grab drinks and dinner before.  Downtown isn't always our destination for hang outs so we asked Siri for some restaurant ideas.  She gave us 18 ideas.  Having to pair those down while driving was a smidge tricky but we landed on Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace.  Kourt had been there, I had heard of it but had never been.  At the thought of trying a "new to me" local spot plus their specializing in hot dogs I was totally giddy!  Once summer rolls around I'm a BIG hot dog fan, slightly picky (if its charred too much I don't eat it, and I'm a little brand loyal) but big fan nonetheless.

It took me close to forever to decide on a hot dog, there are so many combinations and everything sounded so good!  They even have vegetarian and vegan choices!  I finally landed on the Zippity Zam which is a hot dog with roasted red peppers and Sriacha cream cheese.  Sounds totally weird, but it was totally delicious!  I got the mac and cheese as a side which was no exception (since this was a wedding diet splurge meal I thought go big or go home when it comes to sides, my abstaining from such goodies made this choice well worth it).

Zippity Zam!

Kourtney got The Doginator, a bacon wrapped hot dog topped with beef brisket, BBQ sauce, cheddar & onion rings with tater tots for a side.

The Doginator!

For cocktails I got the Joe Asbury (or something, I can't remember entirely) and Kourt had the Ride the Lightening.  Mine was a spiked sweet tea lemonade that was nice and refreshing after a warm day working at the Memorial Tournament.  Kourtney's was a kicked up version of lemonade, I snagged a sip and it was almost like lemon lime gatorade, very yummy!

It's a smaller place but the atmosphere makes it really cool, there is all kinds of paraphernalia on the walls from baseball player caricatures to rock and roll bands.  We sat at the bar and the bartender was really helpful and very patient with my indecisiveness.  The food came out fast but I suppose that's the advantage to the type of fair they make.  We were both pleased with our selections and everything was very tastey!  The hot dog had a good snap to it (HD aficionados you know what I'm talking about, that  delicious pop of the casing being cooked just right), the bun was nicely steamed and the toppings were the right proportions.

They have different flavor infused liquors that I'll have to go back to try, like their peanut infused vodka!  Dirty Frank's is actually owned by the same restaurant group (Columbus Food League) as Betty's, a restaurant I shared with you not too long ago!  Kourtney and I will actually be going to another one of CFL's restaurants tonight with Emily before we see Wicked.  Review of the Jury Room to come!

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Have a great weekend!


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