Friday, May 10, 2013

LFM: Betty's Fine Food and Spirts

A Local Foodie Moment for your Friday friends!  Like I said in my last posts I've just been having so much fun being a local foodie that I've got a backlog of restaurants to share!  Chris and I had dinner with two of our Miami friends at Betty's Fine Food and Spirits.  We had been at a local Miami chapter event and decided to grab a bite after.

We landed on Betty's as it seemed like a decent price range and was close to where we were.  Let's just say all parties were very pleased with their selections and we'll be going back!
I took a little snapshot of their unique menu design
It was a Thursday so it was cocktails for all!  I decided to try the Solstice made with Watershed gin, blackberry syrup, lemon juice and champs.  YUMMM!  This was very delicious and incredibly refreshing!
The Solstice
Apparently Chris was still on his love for Fried Chicken kick after our Wake Forest trip (see life altering chicken and waffles experience here) so that's what he got.  I snagged a bite and it was very tastey, just the right breading and crispyness.

Fried Chicken
I tried to be a little more diet conservative and got the warm three mushroom salad, I know it doesn't sound like much but YUM!  It takes a lot to get me jazzed up about a salad but this was perfection.  The flavor from the mushroooms, goat cheese and tomatoes made it so I didn't even need to use the dressing.  And they didn't skimp on the goat cheese, as previously mentioned that is one of my BIG restaurant salad pet peeves!

Warm Mushroom Salad with Chicken
It's a smaller restaurant and doesn't have much signage out front so it's easy to miss when driving by.  But the atmosphere is great, lots of pin up pictures on the walls which the boys just loved!  The service was great, very friendly and very helpful with menu choices.  Like I said previously it was reasonably priced and worth it!  I referred my brother and dad when they were looking for a Short North place to grab a bite and they really liked it too!  What I liked most about Betty's was they have a great brand but they don't over do it with marketing (funny coming from a marketing girl, right?).  They put out good food with good service and leave it at that, kind of refreshing if you ask me!

Betty's Fine Food & Spirits on Urbanspoon

Happy Friday!  I hope all the wonderful mothers out there have a great Mother's Day!  I can't wait to get home to celebrate some of the great ladies in my life!

Next, bacon recipes!  I know I promised these before but its been a hectic week.  On tap is bacon onion marmalade and crockpot bourbon baked beans, stay tuned!


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