Thursday, January 16, 2014

Local Foodie Moment: The Pint House, Short North

Well we are in the home stretch in our new restaurants of 2013 list!  (I know, I'm a little behind but it's been a hectic few months!)  The day after Christmas, Chris and I typically recoup from all the travel and crazy of the holidays so cooking dinner tends to be low on the priorities list.

We decided to try The Pint House in the Short North.  Since it was the day after the holiday and it was a little earlier, about 6pm, it wasn't crowded so we found a table right away.  Chris' brother and our friend Joe decided to join us.  We had heard a lot of good things from our friends that have been to Pint House before but they warned us it gets pretty crowded in the evenings.

The restaurant has an industrial look with exposed brick and garage doors separating the two main rooms but they have some interesting details that make it unique.  As you walk in there is a waterfall wall with a painting behind it, upon closer inspection you realize the waterfall element is actually beer taps.  This serves as the backdrop for their photo booth which turns a causal dinner into a goofy string of photos with friends!
Beer tap waterfall!

We decided to split the Short Rib Nachos, tortilla chips topped with beer braised short ribs, black bean corn salsa, beer cheese sauce, diced tomato, jalepenos and drizzled with sour cream.  These were delicious, the short rib meat was nice and tender and the beer cheese sauce was awesome, definitely an elevated version of nachos!

Short Rib Nachos

I ordered the Black Bean Burger although I'm not vegetarian, sometimes I don't mind eating like one!  This was served on a brioche bun topped with housemade BBQ sauce, avocado mango salsa with a side of fresh cut fries and their housemade beer brined pickle.  This was super yummy and I honestly didn't miss the meat at all, the burger had a great texture as well as nice flavor to it.  The fresh cut fries were great, served with some malt vinegar and it was just perfection.  So many places claim to have fresh cut fries but they tend to be a let down, this is NOT the case at Pint House.  The beer brined pickle was good but I don't really discriminate, I couldn't really taste any difference in taste with the beer brine.

Black Bean Burger

Chris got the Beer & Cheese pizza, bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar-jack cheese and beer cheese sauce.  The flavors were great but it was pretty rich so it might have been better paired with a salad to cut it a bit or as a dish to share alongside something else.

Beer & Cheese Pizza

Service was good, a little discombobulated at times though.  One girl started serving us, then another came over then we finally told them they were both waiting on the same table and they managed to sort it out.  The food runner from the kitchen tended to be a little snippy for my liking and a smidge sarcastic.  Joe ordered a fish sandwich, on the menu said it was served with lettuce, tomato and onion.  When the runner brought it out there was no lettuce, tomato or onion so Joe asked why it wasn't on there.  The runner replied that it just depends who makes it if it gets made to menu specifications, ummm excuse me?  I'm no genius here but that's some bad PR for your restaurant that you openly admit inconsistency.  Either way Joe had to ask for his sandwich toppings before being able to enjoy his meal.  Maybe they were understaffed with the holiday, who knows.

Overall we had a good time, the food was good and the guys loved the vast beer selection and the cool vibe.  We definitely won't mind returning in the future!

Short North Pint House and Beer Garden on Urbanspoon

Tonight is the Luke Bryan concert with some girlfriends and I'm SO excited!  A little fun with friends and some LB is just what I need to help me forget this cold weather.   (I know, I live in Ohio, it's part of the job description but about this time every year I'm ready to move south for the winter!)  Saturday is the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, hopefully I'll get to watch, I'll be sure to report the fashion yey's and nay's and maybe post a little red carpet snack!


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