Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekend Getaway!

Hi everyone!  I'm just getting back into the groove of work and blogging after a long weekend in Winston-Salem, NC visiting Chris' sister, Andrea, and one of my best friends, Coco!  We had a wonderful trip, the weather was great, saw lots of neat spots and had fun with our hostesses!

In typical foodie fashion I managed to mostly take pictures of food rather than the great scenery or fun times we had.  Although Winston-Salem is in the south and they cook up some great southern comforts it doesn't feel like an overwhelmingly "southern" city.  Sparse "ya'll" usage, the occasional accent but nothing as noticeable as other southern states.

Our first morning there we went to a restaurant called Breakfast Of Course.  With our new wedding slimdown challenge I tried to err on the side of healthy with a egg white scramble with spinach, goat cheese and mushrooms. As a little splurge got the side of grits.  These were pretty yummy especially when I spiced them up with a little Sriracha!

Later that night we went to Foothills Brewing for dinner and watched the first NCAA basketball game.  Then we went to a bar called Old Winston Social Club.  They have board games, shuffle board and other tabletop games to play which made it pretty fun!  We ended our evening at a great craft cocktails bar called Tates.  I got a Tom Collins that was perfect; warm weather cocktails are here!  (I know, I live in Ohio and in-climate weather is part of the deal but 40 degrees in April has come close to killing me.)    

Sunday morning we went to Old Salem for brunch at The Tavern in Old Salem.  Old Salem is a cute historic part of town where Salem College for Women is located.  After brunch we walked around town enjoying the weather and the history.  At brunch Chris and Andrea decided to try a Southern favorite, Chicken and Waffles.  I've always wanted to try so I snagged a bite of Chris' and boy does it live up to the hype!  Chris has now decided that he wants this for breakfast every day of his life.  I happily reminded him of our wedding weight loss challenge and that although Chicken and Waffles are delicious and a lovely travel treat there is no room in our waistlines for it as everyday fare.  I imagine we'll be on the hunt for a place here that masters the dish.

For Sunday dinner we went to a nice restaurant called Village Tavern.  They actually have multiple locations, we went to the one at Reynolda Village which we had previously walked and shopped around on Saturday.  We sat outside under a tent that was nicely decorated with twinkle lights for ambiance.  (So romantical for Chris, being on a date with four crazy women, talk about a dream come true!)

In between our meals we walked around Winston-Salem in different parts of town.  Stopped in some vintage shops and stumbled upon a chocolate shop called Haute Chocolate.  Even though we were pretty full from breakfast we found a smidge of room to try these gourmet chocolates.  Chris and I split a Chamborsin and The Dude.  The Chamborsin is made with wine and The Dude is Big Lebowski inspired to taste like a White Russian and was made to look like a little bowling ball!

Chocolates upon chocolates!
Well it's off to catch up on all the things we've avoided (mainly housework!) and get another week of spring under our belts!  We are hosting a sushi night this weekend where I'm testing out a new sushi maker, we will see if it rivals the Sushezi!  I'm also giving a few new recipes a try over the weekend so I'll be sure to share!


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