Friday, April 26, 2013

Sushi Night! Sushezi vs. Magic Roll

Ok as promised: sushi night post!  I got my Sushezi for Christmas and LOVE IT but being the curious thing I am when I saw Magic Roll (the box alternates between the Magic Roll and Perfect Roll titles, mildly confusing for the consumer so I chose Magic Roll as it sounded more whiz bangy) I knew the two contraptions had to square off, battle style!  I realize this definitely puts me into the category of food geek but I'm pretty okay with it.

Sushezi vs. Magic Roll Battle!

Each device had its perks and each has some cons.  Keep in mind I purchased these devices because I'm not quite ready to take the at home sushi plunge with the traditional bamboo mats and what have you.

The Sushezi really makes sushi at home easy but the size roll produced leaves you with 10 to 12 pieces of one roll.  If you are like me and like to try a little here, a little there or just make a meal for one or two then the Sushezi isn't the greatest.  It's much better when making enough for four or more.  This could be remedied by putting ingredients half and half I suppose.


Magic Roll solves the size roll issue but has some design flaws.  Although I thought this may roll a tighter roll most of the ones I made with it fell apart if I didn't have the nori on the outside.  It makes smaller rolls, about 4 pieces each.  So its nice because you can mix and match fillings and such and not have a ton of each.  But its a little annoying to try to clean when you have to take everything apart.

Magic Roll

But alas the whole point of a battle of utensils is declaring a winner.  No more sitting on the sushi fence.  In terms of overall ease of use and quality, Sushezi wins out.  You just load up the tube, lock, press and extrude.  It truly is sushi made EASY!  Also, I'd like to amend my previous excessive quantity statement regarding Sushezi.  A couple days after sushi night I made it again for dinner just for Chris and I to use up some of the ingredients we had leftover.  I experimented with only making half rolls and it actually worked quite well!

When having a sushi night I like having some other options to make dinner seem a little more substantial.  So I had edamame and potstickers as starters with lychee martinis for cocktails.  Side note: Trader Joe's has some very yummy Pork Potstickers in their freezer section, they are super easy to cook up and their Gyoza Sauce is delicious!

Spicy Tuna and Shrimp California Rolls with sides of Wasabi and Spicy Mayo

Chicken Teriyaki, Tuna, Smoked Salmon, Spicy Shrimp and Philly Rolls

Well hopefully this sushi night post fulfilled all of your WWSV reading needs, I do apologize for its tardiness.  This weekend its off to Michigan we go for a 1st communion and 1st birthday on Chris' side!  Next up, some recipes using bacon (yummm) and a cocktail bar idea!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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