Monday, April 15, 2013

Ladies Tea Party!

Well another start to the week is upon us!  Originally we had plans to travel to Pittsburgh this weekend for the Frozen Four, when Miami didn't make it we opted out.  We thought "Oh nice, a free weekend!", Chris knows better than to think a free weekend means I won't book it right up with plans.  So the "free weekend" tends to be a fleeting concept.  

Since we were in town I was able to go to a ladies tea party hosted by my friend Flori.  What a cute idea!  It was at the Cambridge Tea House on Saturday morning.  She had about eight or nine other ladies that she invited as well, everyone was dressed in their spring dresses (even though the weather was less than cooperative).  There was scones, quiche and fruit that were all delicious and of course there was tea for the table!  Flori always plans a great party, with favors and a game and such.  This time she had little scratch off tickets so whoever had a matching teacup won the prize!  It was so nice spending the morning with ladies just chatting and being girly!

Tea, very pretty teacups!
Party favors, little teacup soaps!

The hostess and I, matching in our pink dresses!
So that was a fun way to start off what ended up being a cold and dreary Saturday.  Maybe I'll have to take time and go to tea more often!  That night we had a homemade sushi night with friends where there was a battle of the sushi makers!  More on that in my next post!


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