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Local Foodie Moment: The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek

Happy Hump Day friends!  What better way to start it off than with a review of Cameron Mitchell's newest restaurant concept The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek.  But first, a quick Happy Birthday to my husband Chris and best friend Coco as well as Happy Anniversary to my inlaws!  What a coincidence all these people I care about get to be celebrated on the same day!
Ok back to business, three of my gal pals (Kourt, Amy and Heathe) and I spent our evening at The Barn cocktailing, dining and catching up on some much needed girl talk.

Pretty ladies!

CM restaurants are always impeccably thought out and decorated so I couldn't wait to see how they'd make a barn concept work.  To say they made it work would be an understatement, in this case they basically nailed it.  From the time you arrive to the time you leave all of the details and aspects of service transport you to a very chic countryside.

View from the outside

Waiting area

We of course started with cocktails, I got the Barn Lemonade made with gin, fresh lemon and honey.  It was super refreshing and delightful.  My girls mixed it up!  Heathe got one of the Woodford Reserve Barn Whiskies, these are bourbons uniquely blended for The Barn only.  Amy got the Hurricane Punch: two kinds of rum, fresh passion fruit and oregat.  This packs a punch but the passion fruit flavor makes it very fresh, not syrupy.  Kourtney got the Mary Pickford: tequila, fresh pineapple juice and grenadine.  

Cocktails! (Clockwise starting in the left corner: Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Hurricane Punch, Barn Lemonade and Mary Pickford.

Then we decided to split some appetizers.  We ended up with the Spinach Artichoke dip, made with provolone and gruyere cheeses which made it rich and velvety, definitely heightening the flavors.  We also got the Baked Oysters Bingo: baked oysters with creamed spinach, lemon garlic aioli and Parmesan cheese. 

Appetizers: Spanish Artichoke Dip and Baked Oysters Bingo

Now most who know me know I'm not much of a seafood girl especially not an oyster girl!  But I was feeling adventurous and the girls promised me I wouldn't die from it (so kind).  Turns out, I liked it!  Since they were cooked and mixed with enough other cheesey, delicious things there definitely wasn't a fishyness like I expected.  Wooohoo chalk one up for Steph on the new taste sensations list!

The is me surviving the oyster experience, Chris almost didn't believe it!

Next was dinner selections.  Amy and Heathe got The Barn's BBQ Ribs which is actually an appetizer but it comes with a side of fries making it a perfect dinner option.  I snagged a bite of ribs and they were super tender and delicious.

The Barn's BBQ Ribs

Kourt got the Prime Rib served with a baked onion, au jus and horseradish cream and a side of mashed potatoes.  She loved it! 

Prime Rib with baked onion and mashed potatoes

I got the Beef Brisket served over Texas Toast with BBQ sauce and I swapped braised greens for mac and cheese.  Probably should have stuck with the braised greens as the mac and cheese was pretty disappointing, greasy and not very creamy.  As you've seen in previous posts, I like my mac and cheese to be creamy and have plenty of sauce to it, dry or greasy seems to be a crime against the dish in my mind.  BUT the brisket was pretty darn fabulous, so much so I ended up with the delectable house made BBQ sauce in quite a few spots on my white shirt (not exactly the most practical fashion choice but I digress).

Beef Brisket

Mac and Cheese

Overall we were very pleased with our meals.  Our service was pretty impeccable, which I've come to expect of CM restaurants as they set quite an industry standard.  The price point is a little higher than your typical BBQ joint but as most would agree, CM restaurants are not usually "typical" concepts.

Main dining area

The atmosphere was unique, the best way I could describe it would be: rustic elegance.  It had all the character and charm of the country without getting your boots dirty!  Definitely a fun experience worth the extra few minutes to get there. 

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With this chilly weather I have more time to cuddle up with my laptop and blog so be on the lookout for more LFM's, shoes and recipes!


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