Friday, December 21, 2012

Trees, trees, trees!

The holiday season is in FULL swing with parties, shopping and decorating!  A couple weeks ago Chris and I set to the task of decorating our townhouse.  We're up to a total of three (artificial) trees, call me crazy but I just love decorating trees in themes!  A good majority of our decorations were given to us from our parents to start us out when we first moved out so although it may be a hodge podge of things they have some sentimental meanings.  To add to the holiday merriment I've included a recipe for Gingerbread Coookie Martinis!  These are so fun and very festive for the holidays!

We inherited my parents large (7ft) tree for our living room, which has been in my parents living room since I was a baby!  Some of the branches are a little worse for wear but I think it gives it character.  My parents have bought my brother, Gran and I a Wendell August ornament every year for our stockings since I was born.  My ornaments are all a gold color plus Chris started buying me Miami ornaments which are gold as well, so being a themes and consistency person I set out to create a theme for this big tree!  We decided on red and gold, I got all kinds of branch fillers and ornaments at Big Lots and Hobby Lobby.

A few years ago my Gran gave me a small tree with some pink decorations since that's my favorite color, over the years she and a few other relatives have added to my pink theme.  This little tree hangs out in the kitchen on our bar cabinet.

Pretty in pink!
Last but certainly not least, our basement tree.  This was the first tree I bought on my own for my first apartment.  I originally went with a red and silver Miami theme.  Chris' aunt has bought him the Hallmark Collectors NFL football player ornaments every year since he was little so we wanted to put those out this year.  What better place than our mostly sports themed basement!  Plus Chris spends the most time down there as that's where his computer is set up so why not bring some holiday cheer to his working from home and football watching?

I'm pretty sure my love for multiple themed trees runs in the family.  Here's a look at some of the themed trees around the family!

My Mom's Moose Tree!

My Great Aunt Chookie's tree,
this one is for all her glass ornaments!

Now for the cocktail!  My aunt forwarded me this recipe she found on Facebook and I decided to tweak it based on my tastes and what I had available.  It called for making your own gingerbread syrup but I had found something similar at World Market so I just used that instead. 

Gingerbread Cookie Martini

- 2 oz. vanilla vodka
- 2 oz. half and half
- 1 oz. gingerbread syrup
- 1 oz. kahlua
- orange wedge (or other citrus should work or a damp towel will work)
- brown sugar
- gingerbread cookies or iced molasses cookies

- Rim chilled martini glasses with brown sugar using orange wedge and brown sugar sprinkled on a plate.
- In a shaker with ice pour in vodka, half and half, gingerbread syrup and kahlua, shake and strain into martini glasses.

- Cut a slit into cookie and place on rim of glass, float it on top or just serve next to the glass.  This is more for decoration than anything else, the cookie gets a little soggy when it gets wet so prepare accordingly.
- Enjoy!

This is a great dessert drink for the holidays!  With the possible end of the world coming and all the holiday travel this may be my last post before the holiday so I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your loved ones have a very safe and wonderful holiday! 


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