Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I do to THE shoes!

Happy Tuesday SHOESday! :)  As you can probably imagine, picking my wedding shoes was of extreme importance to me, almost more so than the dress and the groom (hehe kidding, sort of...)!  Once I got my dress picked out it was time to find the perfect shoes, this process took far longer and was much more painstaking than the dress part (mainly because of my pickyness)!

I had the following requirements for the shoes that would play a big part in the best day ever!
1) Comfort - I needed to be able to wear them all day with lots of walking and dancing!
2) Style - They had to reflect me! I wanted a colored shoe (pink or red, preferably pink) but something classic and girly without being gaudy (heel to toe rhinestones? - no thanks).
3) Height - At 5'2", I was the shortest in the bridal party, I needed a little boost!
4) Fabulous - with a passion for kicks like me, the deeply fabulous requirement was nonnegotiable
5) $$$ - Needed to stay reasonable on budget, after all they would only be worn once and my mom kept mentioning she struggled to understand spending more on the shoes than the dress.

So after many, many days spent obsessing I found my perfect fit via Milk & Honey Shoes (now Upper Street London) a custom shoe design website that let's you fashion shoes to meet all your needs and requirements (#alleluia!)!  So I picked my style, height, fabric, color, embellishments, etc. and Viola! 

Hot pink satin with rhinestone bows, half inch platform with three and a half inch heel

 I did my best to take these for a spin around the house to break them in before the big day but most of my standing activities have a tendency to be messy (cooking, cocktail making, ya know) and we couldn't risk ruining the shoes before their big debut!  But they were fine throughout the day and ran true to size.  They came with ball of foot cushions and heel grips so that helped make them fit even more comfortably.

Milk & Honey had great customer service!  The shoes came in time, exactly how I wanted them and without any damage or blemishes.  I had utilized their chat with a stylist option to get a better idea of what the rhinestone bow would look like and they were very helpful.  They sent pictures of other shoes with the bow, etc. to help me make my decision.

I will warn you that the shoes take awhile to come in but that is to be expected for custom designed shoes.  I believe mine took four or five weeks but I got them expedited just in case and had them in plenty of time.

It was so fun to design my own shoes and get exactly what I wanted!  There are other designers out there that have similar design your own options, Nina and Shoes of Prey to name a few!   

Some new shoes just came my way and Restaurant Week is this week so stay tuned and keep cool (finally some scorching days of summer)! 


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