Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seeing RED!

Happy weekend!  Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty little cough I picked up last weekend (so not ideal) so I was bed/couch bound for a few days.  BUT speaking of last weekend, it was downright fabulous!  We went to Miami because I had some Young Alumni Council meetings and we went to a show stopping event (more details on that below) plus we were with great friends at one of our favorite places in the world and so yeah it just makes my heart smile!  Here's a few pics from all the fun!

Ice Sculpture/Raw Bar at the Student Center Opening Gala

YAC friends all dressed up!

Breakfast splurge at Patterson's,
Eggs Benedict over Mac and Cheese (like woah!) with Loaded Homefries

Ok let's get serious about shoes now.  With awards show season as well as a super season of Courtney Loves Dallas on my regular TV watch list I couldn't help but splurge on some new shoes.  A girl needs a winter pick me up when its negative temps and dumping snow, right?!  Right.  Anyways, I had looked at these red suede Jessica Simpson pumps a few times but always talked myself out of them for one reason or another.  Their price dropped on and I recently found some outfit images on Pinterest that just downright inspired me so BOOM, they went in my shopping cart!

These little cuties will be perfect with tights and a skirt or slacks and a sweater for the office then can be transitioned into evening attire with a cute dress or some skinnies and a great top.  The versatility is so there (aka it's soo justified to add yet another pair of shoes to my collection)!

Originally I was looking at going with a more muted, Bordeaux like red but in true Miami girl fashion I fell for the Lipstick Red hook, line and sinker.  To christen these lovely school spirited (sort of) shoes I wore them at the opening gala of the new student center at Miami!  It seems like just yesterday I was hearing the university advancement staff talk about this new fundraising endeavor we'd be embarking on and now its here, a full fledged building for future Miamians to enjoy!  (Sorry am I bragging about my alma mater?  Oh well, #loveandhonor)  What was unique about this particular fundraising campaign was it was very grassroots.  They provided the incentive of getting your name in the building for a fulfilled pledge so of course as graduating seniors Chris and I decided to take advantage. 

Chris and I next to our names in the building
I probably should have taken these little kicks for a spin before the gala to break them in because I ended up with some pretty sore feet by the end of the evening but #fashionispain sometimes.  There was another pair of shoes in my shopping cart from but I'll share those at a later date!

I finished my Suja Juice Cleanse this week so stay tuned for a review plus I've got a soup recipe to warm you up during these wintery blasts we're having!

Cheers, stay warm!

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