Friday, February 7, 2014

Bonus LFM: Hubbard Grille

I know, I know, another LFM you say?  Yes ANOTHER LFM friends!  Recently some girlfriends and I went to Hubbard Grille in the Short North for happy hour.  I had heard mixed reviews from other foodie friends so I was a little worried but all in all we had a great experience.  I mean good food, great drinks, good girltalk and great friends, tell me how it could get any better?  Well maybe if Luke Bryan walked in, paid for everything and danced on our table, but that's a little far fetched and highly unlikely I suppose.  (Can you tell I just went to his concert last month?  Still obsessing!)

Anyways, we of course, started off with cocktails.  Since happy hour end time was fast approaching somehow our table ended up looking like this:

Actually there's not a mystery to why it turned out like that, I hang with a fabulous crowd that likes a good deal and likes to drink, no wonder we're friends!

ANYWAYS, a couple of us got Juniper Hubcaps, which is a downright delicious gin drink that I want to drink almost every day of my gin loving life.  This lovely concoction is Watershed Four Peel Gin, Avive Natural Almond Sparkling, a splash of cranberry juice served up with a cranberry garnish.

A couple girls got the Buttles Bohemian, Skyy Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and pineapple juice floated with champs served up.  I snagged a sip of this one and it was a little sweet for my tastes but its definitely fun and fruity.  (Sorry no picture!)

Some also tried the Agave Cooler (this started as my second round drink), Watershed Vodka, pure agave, pink grapefruit and lime juices and fresh basil served on the rocks.  Although a very pretty drink it was far too sweet for me so I sent it back for another Juniper Hubcap.

Then it was time for some food to go with our drinks.  In an effort to not be completely annoying (hah when is that ever not in my nature?) I only snapped pictures of my food.  I ordered two small plates to try instead of a full entree.  I got the Short Ribs & Shrimp, minus the shrimp (this girl still hasn't warmed up to that little crustacean) pulled beef short rib over white cheddar grits and tomato jus.  These were super!  The grits were nice and creamy, the short rib very tender, YUM!

I also got the Crispy Brussel Sprouts, flash fried brussel sprouts with a rioja reduction.  These were so yummy!  The flash frying brings out the nuttiness of the sprout and the reduction adds just the right sweet and tart balance.

Our service was good, our waitress was nice and did a great job suggesting cocktails, etc.  She also kept us cognizant of the happy hour timeline so we could order at the discounted prices.  They have quite a bit of dining space and a range of table sizes for varying parties.  It has a fun chic atmosphere and they seem to host some fun events (champagne parties around the holidays, etc.).  It is one of those places you always pass in the Short North but forget to try but I think if you make the stop you'll be happy you did, even if its just for a Juniper Hubcap!

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This weekend we're headed to Miami (not Florida, unfortunately) for the opening of the new student center!  I got a sneak peak of it when I was on campus in November but I can't wait to see it complete!  Up next I'm doing another cleanse so you'll see my review of that as well as some new shoes!


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