Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Local Fitness Moment: #Namaste

Sheeshh I haven't blogged in over a week!  I apologize for my absence but the start to fall has kept me hopping!  Since I posted a lot of Foodie Moments recently I thought we could switch it up with a Fitness Moment and share with you what has added to my busy schedule lately.

With the rapid rate at which my commitments have basically bombarded my life I have found a great release and restorative practice to keep myself physically and mentally on top of things.  Yes my friends, I have found yoga, inching myself wildly closer into hipster territory.  I'm going to be honest here, I used to think yoga wasn't much of a workout and was more of an elitist fad.  But I've had a major change of heart!  I have found that it is a welcoming community that really focuses on love of self and making your practice serve you. 

After my first yogalates (yoga and pilates mix) class I was kind of obsessed with what a great workout it was and just how centered and focused I felt afterwards (woah Steph the hippie talk is getting pretty thick!).  I thought "Hmmm this could be the start of something good here, but let's give it a few weeks, the jury isn't out yet".  Well a few weeks later and I'm borderline a yoga junkie.

In addition to the yogalates class I've been taking at the Westerville Rec I've found great opportunities in the community for classes free of charge!  The coolest opportunity I got to take advantage of so far was a yoga session outside of Nationwide Arena in the plaza through a group called POGA (pop up yoga).  It was so awesome to be practicing in the heart of the Arena District, cars and people passing by, just feeling the energy of the city!

Outdoor POGA, the message in the Nationwide building (live united) couldn't be more fitting! 

Another favorite of mine is complimentary yoga at lululemon, each Sunday at 11 at the store they bring in an instructor from one of the local studios for an hour long session.  They switch up instructors each week and switch the studios each month.

lululemon recently posted this and I just love it!

On the path to wedding weight loss it has been nice to switch things up with a practice that isn't so tough on my joints and helps me to put things into perspective.  I don't think I'll be a full time yogi anytime soon but I've really been loving the change in pace it provides from my toning and cardio exercises!

In doing more research I found there are a lot of free fitness opportunities in the area that are helping to elevate the community, everything from outdoor Zumba to CrossFit!  What free fitness will you take advantage of this fall?


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