Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Local Bar Moment: 16-Bit Bar + Arcade

Sheesh I feel like I'm so behind sometimes!  This post is one of those times (get it TOGETHER Steph)!  Just before we left for minication Chris and I went to my first EVER local blogger party at 16-Bit Bar + Arcade.  This was SO fun and its definitely a new concept for the Columbus bar scene!  16-Bit is first and foremost a bar but it has the added bonus of an arcade.  To top it off the owner, Troy Allen, worked to create an atmosphere of nostalgia for all generations.  From the carefully crafted and named cocktails to the mint condition games, no stones were left unturned when catering to the 16-bit patron.

I totally showed my rookie blogger party status when all I had was my iPhone to take pictures and notes, but it did the job hence my very image heavy post today.

I think what I really appreciated about 16-Bit was their attention to details.  Little things like stands next to some of the games for your drink is just one of those details that stuck out to me.  I'm also easily entertained by new gadgets so something to hold my drink while I bob and weave through the obstacles of Frogger was a lifesaver.

Drink stands next to the games!

Upon walking in you don't get your typical arcade atmosphere feeling.  No goofy blacklights and neon printed carpet, just clean classic looking wood paneled walls, plenty of natural light streaming in from the front windows with a cluster of high top tables on each side.  Large TVs can be found on the walls adjacent the tables where they will play everything from cartoons, classic 80's movies for Wayback Wednesdays or current sporting events.  Video games line the walls on each side of the smaller U shaped bar. 


I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a gamer but I definitely appreciate a good cocktail (insert "umm DUH!" here).  16-bit conjured up a fun and creative cocktail menu comprised of "Old School" and "New Wave" Cocktails.  Each drink is named after an iconic actress or actor.  So you can sip on a Ralph Macchio while kicking your opponents butt in Mortal Kombat, cool right?!

Snapshot of the cocktail list

To start off Chris tried the John Cusack, bourbon, sweet vermouth and champagne.  He claimed it was a "game changer" which I took to mean it changed his bourbon loving life!  

John Cusack 

I started with the Farah Fawcett, citron vodka, cointreau, lemon, lime and orange.  This was a little sweet for my tastes but it was nice and refreshing as it was a warm day outside.

Farah Fawcett

We wandered around to check out the games and the set up as we sipped our yummy drinks.  We played a mostly hilarious game of NFL Blitz and marveled at games that took us straight back to childhood. 



For our second cocktails I tried the Dolph Lundgren, vodka, lime and ginger beer (aka a Moscow Mule) which was very delicious.  It was nice and light but packed a punch (haha get it?!  Sometimes I find myself far funnier than I really am).

Dolph Lundgren

Chris tried the Burt Reynolds, "Tastey enough to put some hair on your chest - and maybe your face!", bourbon, sugar, orange, cherry and angostura bitters.

Burt Reynolds

In addition to craft cocktails they will have a craft beer selection as well as a plethora of bourbons, some even from Troy's personal collection.

House Rules

This is definitely an up and coming place to try!  They navigated a lot of roadblocks but I think it's well worth the wait for this welcome addition to the Columbus bar scene.  Check it out!

Up next I've got some new additions to my blog as well as one last LFM from our recent date nights!


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