Friday, January 23, 2015

Beginning of Awards Show Season 2015, The Golden Globes!

Yippee it's awards season time, friends!

This year Golden Globe arrivals coverage coincided with the NFL AFC Divisional Playoff game featuring my Indianapolis Colts vs. the Denver Broncos so I had to play a little bit of catch up during the show (because I obviously COULD NOT miss the game, especially since my boys won!).  I decided to forgo the fabulous sparkling cocktail I usually make for a more casual option (aka a light beer).

The trend of the Globes carpet was stunning WHITE!  White during winter can be so tricky (washes you out so easily) but the stars that donned it must have excellent spray tan staff or they were clinging to their holiday vacay color (lucky!).  These were my favorite white looks:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Guiliana Rancic and Emily Blunt all fabulous in various white silhouettes

Some plunging white necklines on Kate Hudson and Rosamund Pike

The color I noticed that was a second runner up to white was red.  Personally, I'm a HUGE sucker for red in just about any aspect of life.  Here are a few of my red dress picks that I thought were simply stunning.
Viola Davis, Juliana Margulies and Catherine Zeta-Jones in fabulous strapless red gowns!

Taylor Schilling, Allison Janney and Heidi Klum

Ladies that stunned outside of the white and red color parameters that I HAD to mention were:
Jennifer Anniston and Kate Becksale received perfect 10s from me! 

So that's the Globes, next up is the SAG Awards this weekend!  I've also got a 614 Restaurant Week review of Bar 145 and of course some shoes to share!


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