Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Year Blogiversary and time for some SHOES!

Well once again with the hecticness of fall I managed to completely forget my blogiversary!  Sheesh, get it together Steph!  Anyways, I just want to give a quick thanks to all those who read and visit my crazy little corner of the internet!  I've really learned a lot in this first year and can't wait for what the future holds!  I especially want to thank my fiance, Chris, we just celebrated our 6 year dating anniversary last week.  He has been very supportive and incredibly patient with my blogging ventures.  I imagine its no easy feat to have to wait 5 minutes for me to take pictures of my newest recipes before digging in but he waits, now he even helps take the pictures!
So thankful for my guy!
In reflecting on my first year of blogging I realized there was something a little amiss with my blog content in comparison to my blog title.  There's no shoes!  Part of the reason I created the title was because I LOVE shoes so how I could leave them out is a major faux pas on my part.  I guess I kept meaning to include them but couldn't figure out how I wanted to.  So I deeply apologize readers!  I hereby solemnly swear to change that once and for all! 

Although we recently said bye to summer shoes (my personal favs) fall brings so many great options.  Fun flats, boots, booties, pumps I mean it really runs the gamut!  I'm a pretty big fan of boots in the fall but I made a recent shoe purchase that I'm very excited about!  I found these black almond toe loafers on sale at Victoria's Secret and decided they needed to live with me!  (WARNING: I treat all my shoes as if they were my children, if you find this weird or mildly crazy you may be justified and in similar company with Chris but you might also want to avoid my shoe related posts in the future).

I had been looking for these smoking flat style loafers for a while but couldn't find ones that were just right, until I saw these little beauties.  I like the slightly pointed toe and the plain black suede.

VS Loafers

I mostly negated the sale price by getting them overnighted to me but I wanted them for our upcoming engagement shoot that I thought was going to be two weekends ago (mother nature had other plans).  But I'm still glad I got them, there's some nice cushioning in the ball of the foot area unlike a lot of my other flats so hopefully they will remain comfortable over time.

What's your favorite fall shoe?  Any new additions to your wishlist?

So that's the newest installment to WWSV, I hope you enjoy!  This week I am doing a cleanse so I'll be reviewing that experience for you, then next week its back to real food!


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